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"You've got questions? I've got answers! Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions that I receive:"
1. Do you do hair?
A-I do not, I went to the Paul Mitchell School of Nashville for Aesthetics (skincare). Which is completely different; separate license and all.
2. Can I schedule an appointment at the salon on a Sunday or a Monday?
A-Unfortunately no, the salon is closed on Sunday's and Monday's. Most salon's are open Tuesdays-Saturdays. Sometimes I can make special exceptions, but usually this will be a $20 extra charge. However, my mobile business WILL be open Sundays and Mondays.
3. Can I make an appointment to come in before 10:00am or after 6:00pm at the salon?
A-This just depends on my schedule and the owner's schedule, if you ask far enough in advance, usually the answer is yes. However, there is usually a $10 extra charge for extra hour services.
4. I'm trying to make an appointment on StyleSeat, but it's not letting me make one for my desired day/time, why?
A-That is usually because I have the day blocked off because I am out of town/will not be at the salon that day. Or it is because that day or time is already booked. Every so often though StyleSeat glitches and there is no good reason or rhyme why it's not allowing you to do so. Always e-mail me to double check!
5. I am trying to call the salon to schedule an appointment and I cannot get anyone to answer. What do I do?
A-The salon gets VERY busy a lot of times, Bridgette is not always able to take the calls because she has many responsibilities at the salon. The best thing to do is to call my direct line (615) 887-0905, or text me-yes, I text! Or e-mail me at one of the following addresses: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
6. I am trying to cancel an appointment ahead of time, but I can't get through to the salon. What do I do?
A-Make sure that you have a StyleSeat account, you an go in and cancel your appointment yourself without having to pick up the phone. If StyleSeat won't let you cancel for some reason, contact me directly to let me know at least 24 hours in advance!
7. Something has happened last minute and I can no longer make it to my appointment, what's the quickest way to get a hold of someone to let them know I won't be there?
A-In this case you must contact me directly, either on the Contact page, via e-mail, or call my direct line (615) 887-0905.
8. Will I be penalized for canceling last minute?
A-Usually if you are able to call hours in advance, we will work with you. However, if you cancel minutes before your appointment start time (if it's not an emergency), you will not be able to make your next appointment without paying for the missed appointment, and will be required to pre-pay for each appointment at the time that you book it.
9. What happens if I completely forget about my appointment and don't show up?
A-That will be considered a no call no show, StyleSeat sends two appointment reminders which we get notification of, so you will be placed on the no show list and will be required to pay for the missed appointment before you are able to schedule another one. You will also be required to pre-pay for your appointment at the time that you book.
10. How late is too late to still be able to come to my appointment if I'm running late?
A-After 15 minutes, you forfeit your appointment, no matter what the reason is because then that backs up the rest of my appointments-nothing personal, but it's unfair to the rest of my clients that day. As long as you call, you can re-schedule. On rare occasions, I may still be able to take you if there has been a cancellation or if it is an extremely slow day.
11. What do I need to do to prepare for a spray tan?
A-Shower, shave, and exfoliate 24 hours in advance and NOT THE MORNING OF YOUR APPOINTMENT! The DHA (color) only sticks to the top layer of your skin, it takes the skin 24 hours to renew itself, so if you do all of that right before you come in, there is nothing for the color to stick to. This can actually alter the color of the end result, giving you the "orangey" affect. This also can shorten the life of your tan 1-2 weeks, sometimes you will only get 2-4 days out of it if your skin is naturally very dry.
12. Is there a specific way I need to come in ready for my spray?
A-After your shower the night before, DO NOT apply moisturizer! You will want to come in without any lotion, perfume, deoderant, or face make-up on because this will give you the speckled affect, white circles under/around your underarms, and will cause the tan not to stick well leaving you looking uneven.
13. I know people who like to get sprayed with their face make-up on, can I do this too?
A-Some people like the lighter color that they get from spraying over their make-up. You are more than welcome to try, but if your skin is more on the sensitive side I do not recommend it for it usually causes break outs.
14. I HAVE to wear deoderant and/or face make-up to work and I'm getting sprayed right after work. What do I do?
A-I usually have wipes that will remove those things, but depending on how busy I've been they might be gone! So you may want to pick some of your own up the day before just to be safe!
15. I forgot to exfoliate at all and I just remembered while driving to my appointment. Is it still worth it to come?
A-I have one time use disposable wipes that are safe to exfoliate right before your spray BECAUSE a they also polish away the dead skin cells, and the pH balancing prep spray is in the wipes. These are an additional $8.
16. Am I going to look orange?
A-No way! Spray tanning has come a LONG way since it first came out. The science and the color has been modified immensely since it first hit the market. You are also not just standing in a booth that dumps the same color for every person down on you.All BOLD tans are mixed to suit your EXACT skin tone so that no two tans are alike and all are a perfect fit for your skin tone!
17. What should I wear the day of my spray appointment?
A-Dark, loose fitting clothing. You want to try and schedule your appointment at a time where you do not have to put skin tight clothing or a bra back on.
18. Can I work out the day of my spray tan appointment?
A-Absolutely not!! You want to stay away from all water, sweat, steam, and heat until your first rinse off. With all BOLD tans, you must wait 6-8 hours to shower, or you can purchase the accelerator drops for $10 which allow you to rinse off in 4 hours! Then you will want to do minimal sweating for the first 3 days.
19. Can I work out after my first rinse off?
A-Ideally you will not want to do much sweating in your spray tan, but if you MUST, you will want to do minimal activity.
20. Can I apply make-up before my first rinse off/the day I get sprayed?
A-No, this chances removing or streaking the color. If you know you need to apply make-up that day, you will want to go the extra mile and do the Venetian ONE, or the Accelorator drops.
21. Am I going to be sticky all day the day of my spray appointment?
 With BOLD Body Bronzing, you will not be sticky because the heated spray technology quick dries you so that there is no sticky mess and you can get dressed immediately after I finish spraying!
22. Am I going to smell like a spray tan?
 With BOLD Body Bronzing, you choose from three complimentary scents that completely diminish the odor of DHA.
23. Can I get my nails done after being sprayed?
A-You always want to get your nails done prior to your spray tan appointment because the rubbing/scrubbing will wipe the tan right off. You definitely cannot do this the day of your spray, but if it's a day or two after, you need to only get a paint job.
24. How long will my spray tan last?
A-The average lifespan of a spray tan is about 5-7 days. With both brands that I use, the average lifespan is about 5-10 days. However, each client is given a special instructions packet during their first appointment with me, if followed religiously, PLUS using the product aftercare lines, you can get up to 3 weeks, sometimes even a month long out of your color!
25. Will the color from the spray stain my clothes, car seats, couch, or sheets?
A-Both solutions are very natural and water soluble, so it will come right out in the wash!
26. What if it rains or I make marks on my color on accident?
A-Most mistakes are washed away with the cosmetic bronzer and even out during the first rinse off.
27. How long does the whole process take?
A-The entire BOLD process only takes about 15-45 minutes depending on whether or not you decide to purchase the pre and/or post sprays.
28. Why can I only get a chemical peel between the months of November and March?
A-The sun/heat can cause your skin to hyperpigment, resulting in the very problem most people aim to fix.
29. What does the zit zapper do?
A-The heated gas in the zapper dries out the blemish, sucks the bacteria out, and prevents more bacteria from getting inside.
30. Can I get a wax and a spray in the same day?
A-No, your pores are wide open after a wax and receiving a spray tan on an open wound essentially, could cause a bad reaction. You must wait 24-48 hours after a wax to be sprayed. And you would not want to get a wax after a spray for obvious reasons.
32. Can I get a facial and a spray tan the same day?
A-No, the products from the facial will not allow the spray to stick, unless you aren't getting your face or neck sprayed. And if you sprayed first, the facial would remove the spray.
33. How long does my hair need to be for a wax?
A-1/4 of an inch long. You will want to stop shaving about three weeks in advance in order for the hair to soften up a bit. You must trim during this time, if the hair is too long it will be painful.
34. Does waxing ever become less painful?
A-Yes! Just like having your brows waxed, the hair becomes softer and less difficult to remove. *The week before and of your cycle your skin is most sensitive, the two weeks after your cycle your skin is toughest.*
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