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Chemical Peels & Masks By Erynn

Chemical peel treatments are all from the fabulous Glo Therapeutics line and newly added Truth Treatment Systems line! All treatments include a mini facial with them.               

They range from minimal peeling (basically just a super strong exfoliant) to extremely strong peels that require at least 4 days-1 week of recovery time for your skin (meaning no make-up and no sun.) I only provide chemical peel services from November 1st-March 1st for your safety from hyperpigmenting in the hot sun, which would give you the very problem you are trying to correct.

A chemical peel is much like a sunburn to the skin (which can range from mild to extreme) and it is basically like a re-set button for your skin, so you can start over. It evens out the overall tone/texture of the skin, certain peels do different things such as tightening pore size, removing blackheads, acne, blemishes, surface scaring, or deep scaring, some peels are strong enough to penetrate down to the dermis. A chemical peel consultation and patch test is required before an actual peel can be performed, and a follow up appointment must be scheduled one week from the date of the peel. Packages vary per peel.














*Chemical Peel Consultation :: $0 for 1 hour                      This is where you come in, fill out the paperwork, and together we will discuss the correct treatment plan for you (every person has different needs, but there is a peel for every person.) We will choose the correct peel for you that day and do a patch test behind the ear, if in 24 hours there is no reaction to the peel then that means a week from that day we can perform the actual peel. We will also design a pre and post at home treatment regiment, this is mandatory and product purchases will be required in order to correctly prep your skin for the peel so that nothing goes wrong and you achieve optimal results. The post at home treatment regiment is also a must, things can go seriously wrong with your skin if this part is not done, especially if you have a strong enough peel that requires recovery time.


*Glycolic 30% Peel :: $100 for 1 hour.                                  Add one color Phototherapy for $50 OR two colors for $100 (please note that this will extend the time of the procedure). Treatments should be done every 7-14 days or as discussed with skincare specialist in the treatment plan/series.          Series of 4 for $360 or Series of 6 for $460.                              The Glycolic 30% peel is the strongest peel. Depending on your skin tone/texture/problems, this peel could require some down time. This peel is designed to correct uneven tone/texture, aging skin, acne prone skin, large blemishes, blackheads/minimizes pores, and ingrown hairs. 

*Lactic Peel 20% :: $90 for 1 Hour; Must be done 1-2 times a week for 6-8 weeks; Packages: 8 sessions for $640.   Lactic peels are a bit more mild than the above listed choices, It peels the top layer of skin off (epidermis) and is great for hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and re-texturizing the skin tone and texture.

*Add Blue Light Phototherapy to Peel :: $50                        For those that want to target acne prone skin, clogged pores, blackheads, and blemishes. This adds extra strength to the treatment of your choice. No added recovery time or restrictions with Phototherapy.

*Add Green Light Phototherapy to Peel :: $50.                    For those that want to target wrinkles, fine lines, scars, discoloration/"brown spots"/sun damage/hypopigmentation, and even out the over all tone and texture of the skin. This adds extra strength to the treatment of your choice. No added recovery time or restrictions with Phototherapy.

*Mix N Match Add 2 Colors Phototherapy :: $100.                     Add two colors of cold laser phototherapy to your peel for extra extra strength from two different angles!

*Add Rainbow Phototherapy to Peel :: $150.                       Add all phototherapy colors to your peel to target acneic skin//pesky blemishes, age reversal, as well as calming and soothing the skin so that you do not leave red.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                       PEEL SEASON IS HERE, SCHEDULE YOURS TODAY AT BOULDER BODY BALANCE ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC!


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