Permanent Make-Up + Microblading

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  • Currently not accepting new permanent makeup clients, keep checking back for changes! In the meantime, you may head to the CONTACT page and fill out an appointment request form.

Consultation Fee :: $50.00, This Goes Towards the Full Cost of Your Service!





What is Permanent Make-Up (PMU) ::

The origin of the word 'tattoo' comes from the Polynesian word 'tatau,' which means "to write."  

Tattoos are created by the insertion of colored ink//pigment//dye beneath the skin's surface (epidermis). The first tattoo was discovered on Otzi the Ice Man, multiples in the form of lines//crosses. These tattoos were created by making a number of incisions and pulverized charcoal was rubbed into the incisions for ink purposes. This was believed to be an ancient therapeutic method for treating rheumatic pain. Otzi's tattoos were believed to be in wounded areas where they would place medicinal herbs in the wound and then burned with the point of a heated metal instrument, leaving a charred residue scar. 

Mummified remains have been found all over the world with bodies displaying wide arrays of tattoos representing magical significance, ritualistic practice, mythological animals, lines, and dots; all over the bodies. Tattoos carry heavy significance in all cultures around the world. Nowadays, the American Academy of Dermatology classifies tattoos into 5 different categories :: Medical tattoos, Natural//Traumatic tattoos, Amateur + Professional tattoos, Identification tattoos, and Cosmetic tattoos. 

Permanent Make-Up (PMU) and Microblading are considered to be Cosmetic Tattoos, the estheticians and cosmetologists who are certified by the state board (of the state that they live in) are considered to be Cosmetic Tattoo Artists. Cosmetic Tattooing is a technique that uses tattooing to produce effects that resemble make-up. It is most commonly used for eye and lip lining purposes, as well as designing eyebrows. Permanent Make-Up can also be used to disguise scars and hypopigmentation (white spots) or vitiligo (a skin lightening condition that leaves white spots on the skin), it can also be used to restore//enhance the breast's areola after any kind of breast surgery. 

 The training of non-medical professionals for permanent cosmetics started after 1985, training consisted of a 1-3 day program (very intense). The technique was called "Dermagraphics" , "Micropigmentation" , "Intradermal Pigmentation" , "Pointillism" (a single needle technique still used) - rather than cosmetic tattooing. Pointilism Experts were only allowed to use a single needle and coil machine creating permanent dots and if they did more than just dots it was considered "tattooing." Classes consisted of 50+ students with 1-2 teachers, "hands on" learning had students putting a few dots into a model's skin - all without any kind of topical anesthetic (but heavy on the ice). Cosmetic tattooing has come quite a long way since 1985, there are hundreds of techniques now for cosmetic tattoo artists including single blade and electric tattooing machines. There are a million different names for these services, classes are small and especially now with COVID they legally can only have 4 students and one teacher in a room at a time. Classes require you to do 40 hours of book work and 120+ hours of in class hands on learning using every machine and working on fruit and fake skin as well as two live person models a day in order to receive your cosmetic tattoo artist credentials and there is a special license for this as well from the state board of esthetics and cosmetology. Requirements will vary per state. Clients' are also numbed several times throughout the service, starting off with a perscription BLT (Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Tetracaine) for at least 20 minutes; and then clients are numbed throughout the service after each pass and before they are sent home for the day. Most clients' feel virtually nothing; I can tell you from personal experience that it feels a whole lot less painful than an 'Amateur//Professional' tattoo because they do not numb you for those!

Working on the face is different than that of the body skin. Colors turn out differently in both places and what might look brown or black on the body could equate to a purple, blue, or pink color for your eyebrows. Many traditional tattoo artists will not work on the face because of the difference in the skin, because a tattoo is a permanent service no matter the location and that can severly affect the person being worked on in their every day life. The time requirements for tattooing the body VS the face are different, and vary state to state. As consumers, you want to be sure that you are aware of your state's laws when it comes to cosmetic tattooing so that you can make sure that your technician is properly licensed by the state that you live in to perform such services. There should be copies of the technician's license on the walls in their treatment room - visible for you to see, and if you do not see these posted where you can see!!! And report them to your state's State Board of Cosmetology (you can Google the phone number for this office); because there are unfortunately a lot of scam artists out there...ones who scam the estheticians and cosmetologists into a shorter cheaper non-legal version of the legal course work required to become licensed in this procedure. It is a permanent procedure, so you want to be sure that your technician sees it that way and is taking it as seriously as you are instead of taking advantage of you. 

Microblading is currently the fastest growing segment in the cosmetic tattooing industry. 'Microblading' has many names :: Permanent Cosmetics, Micro-Pigmentation, Dermal Implantation, Eyebrow Embroidery, Micro Stroking, Feather Touch, or Hair Strokes. As you can see, some of these names have been around since the 80's, some names are newer, but the service remains the same. These are all forms of permanent make-up that provide partial-moderate coverage while giving the appearance of simulated hair by depositing small amounts of cosmetic tattoo pigment into the dermis. The Micro Stroking//Microblading technique is a newer eyebrow technique that has emerged in recent years. It manually deposits pigment into the dermis with the use of a hand tool (rather than the machines used for eyeliner, lip liner, and the rotary machine for nipples). The microblade head contains fine needle groupings that come in a variety of pins//shapes to customize the client's brows. There is a common misconception that microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo (meaning it will fade away after a period of time), but that is simply not true; microblading and cosmetic ink is all considered to be tattoos. Only improper technique could prove to be 'semi-permanent' if the pigment particles do not reach the dermis, they will disappear during the healing phase of the skin during normal regeneration of the epidermal cells (on average, your body will only retain about 40% of the pigment from the service). When microblading is done properly, the pigment should reach the dermis and become permanent. However, pigment will inevitably fade over time and will require touch-ups about every 2 years. The only reason microblading might appear to be 'semi-permanent' is because such a small amount of pigment is inserted into the dermis during the procedure.

The only reason that microblading may not appear to "last" as long as other types of tattoos is because a smaller amount of pigment is inserted during the procedure. Microblading involves injuring the skin and takes thorough knowledge of skin physiology, understanding of blood borne pathogens, as well as practicing proper safety and sanitation. All hand pieces and consumables are sterile, single-use implements. Reusing a hand piece with disposable blades is illegal because the blade is not sufficient enough to protect against blood borne pathogens. The most common complications that result from microblading are :: Misapplication (which should not happen with the proper legal training), and pigment migration//coloro change (this will depend on each individual's skin's healing process, it is normal for color to heal maybe more//less on the cooler//warmer side than what was desired and will be fixed during the FREE touch up 4 weeks after the initial procedure has been done).  

What to Expect ::

You may inquire about this service via the Contact page on this website, or any of the e-mail addresses and phone numbers provided on this website as well. You will schedule a consultation appointment for your service (charge of $50.00 for this session and it goes towards the full cost of the procedure). During the consultation, you will fill out the paperwork and we will analyze the treatment area, discuss your goals, please come prepared with a goal photo whether it is of the way you like this area to look when you are made up, or if it is an internet photo of what you desire to look like. We will carefully choose the color and design the make-up application (using only pigment) and have you approve of the design. Then we will schedule your procedure appointment. 

On the procedure day, please arrive to the session 30 minutes early to get numbed using a perscription BLT numbing cream (please note the contraindications section ahead of time). Once 20 minutes has passed and you are numb, we will measure and design the same thing that we did during your consultation session, and have you re-approve of the design. Then we will begin the procedure. You can expect the procedure to take about an hour to an hour and a half, possibly more depending on your features (time will vary per person). Please note-Even Cosmetic Tattoo Sessions will follow the same protocol of that if you are 15 minutes late to the session, you forefit your appointment because we typically are working back to back appointments. This is the rule even with paying the (non-refundable) $50.00 consultation fee.

During the procedure we will do three passes of color on the treatment area, re-numbing you after each pass. 2-3 more passes may be done after this, sometimes with smaller blades and especially if we are doing a major shape change; if we are changing your shape in a big way, you can expect the session to take longer. Lip Blushing sessions will take the most time (you can allott about 3-4 hours for this service), and eyeliner typically is the quickest service aside from beauty marks/freckles. Most people do not feel much, if anything with all of the precautions we take and the numbing that we do to make your session as comfortable as possible. Please note that this is a tattoo, and it could feel like a tattoo (every body is different). You will leave with numbing cream on but may feel a bit sore as it begins to wear off (Ibuproffen is recommended afterwards for swelling purposes). You will be provided with an aftercare kit of sanitary q-tips and a sample size tub of aquaphor to take home, as well as an instruction sheet. We will also verbally discuss your aftercare rules. They are also listed below on the website if you should lose the print out. 

The healing process will be much like that of a tattoo, you will need to apply the aquaphor (using only the sanitary q-tips provided for you from our spa) 3 times a day for the first 7 days, and 1+ times a day for the last 7 days (14 days of aquaphor use total). The skin will swell, itch, and shed just like a tattoo, the swelling especially can cause the brows to look much bigger than your actual end result will. DO NOT FREAK OUT!!! You have just received a tattoo on your face and all tattoos are swollen, sore, red, and will look quite diferent than they will in 4 weeks. Swelling can cause areas to look uneven or different sizes for the first 3 days, the swelling will continue to go down as the days pass; we recommend consistend use of Ibuproffen and icing for 10 minutes each hour as well as following your aftercare instructions, not touching the area, and not doing anything to the area until it is time for your touch up appointment.

Something to also keep in mind is that the pigment will heal cooler and will fade a lot, so we will always go darker and warmer the day of the initial procedure. ALL color and shape is easily adjusted at the touch up session, some people will even need 2 touch up sessions because every body is diffeent. It is 100% normal to need a color and//or shape adjustment at the touch up session. Permanent Makeup is a 2 part session to perfection; the first session is more so a rough draft of the final outcome.

DO NOT pick or prod at the skin, let it slough off naturally because this could cause odd healing and/or scarring that is not aesthetically pleasing. Do not use any anti-aging facial skincare products during the first 14 days after the procedure. After the first 14 days, you can use regular moisturizer through day 23 of the healing process (we recommend Skin Witch Potion No.1 Tatau Balm version, which can be bought in the online store on this website) and you may use aquaphor any time that you feel itchy over the last 7 days, or if you feel//look dry. After day 23, we recommend that you switch to Grapeseed Oil or Rosehip Seed Oil on the treated area from there on out. Coconut oil is also okay, however, it is not great for your actual skin - as it can create a ruddy complexion.

Following the PMU procedure, the skin will go through specific stages of healing. The complete healing process will take between 4-6 weeks. You must be patient and wait the elapsed time before any judgements//adjustments can be made. Here is the general process of healing ::

Day 1 :: You will likely see swelling and redness in and around the area which should resolve within 1-3 days, a large portion of the initial swelling may subside within a few hours after treatment. The area can look "huge" or "scary" during this time, but just like with regular tattoos you MUST trust the process; do not attempt to try and remedy the situation yourself because doing anything at all before the 4-6 week mark could be dangerous. Keep in mind that you will lose 40-70% of the color, and the swelling will go down significantly. The area can crust with clear lymphatic fluids, for this reason we do not recommend the dry method of tattoo healing post procedure. If your appointment was earlier in the day, we advise you to cleanse the area before bed, using purified warm water and your finger tips (you will never exfoliate this area) to gently cleanse the area in the motion of small circles. You may see some slight flaking in doing this, that is normal; do not worry! Then you will follow this process with aquaphor.

If your appointment was later in the day, we recommend just re-applying the aquaphor 1-2x (as needed) before bed and doing the same cleanse as stated above, the next morning.

Regardless of what time your appointment was, you will do that same cleanse the next morning. The evening 24 hours post procedure, you will begin using a mild gel or foam cleanser (no color, odor, or anti-aging properties. Use something as mild as Cetaphil or Special Cleansing Gel from Dermalogica). After that, you will cleanse the area once a day following with aquaphor for 14-23 days. 

Days 2-7 :: The area will appear up to 50% darker than the intended result. This is due to pigment stain and crusting, it will slough off naturally. Do not attempt to rub or pick off the color!! The area may feel itchy and light scabs can form over the area. The skin will feel rough to the touch but it is imperative that you do not pick//scratch the area or the retention will be affected. 

*Pigment will begin to flake between 5-7 days and will now appear lighter than the intended result. This is due to new skin concealing the pigment.

Days 7-28 :: Skin will continue to heal and the vanished pigment will reappear during the natural regeneration cycle.

4-6 Weeks :: You will see your true result and receive the first touch up. **Subsequent touch ups should be performed every 12-24 months after the initial procedure.

Every client receives one free touch up 4 weeks from the initial procedure appointment, we will schedule this before you leave the spa after the initial procedure. During this session we will fill in any color that did not take, we can color correct if things are too warm or cool for your liking (this is a normal thing that can occur and can easily be fixed during the touch up session). After the touch up session, you will evaluate in another 4 weeks to decide if you need to come in for a second touch up ($50 session within 3 months of the initial appointment) or if you will wait 1-2 years for your next touch up. It is your responsibility to continue scheduling your touch ups as the years pass. Each touch up every 1-2 years will be a $200 session.

If for any reason you should decide that the area is too dark, or you want a color correction done, or you want the tattoo completely removed - you will come in for an evaluation and all of these services can be provided at the same place if you so choose. Lightening, color correction, or removal would be a free service if it is deemed necessary at the evaluation appointment. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS because all supplies were still used for a procedure that you signed a waivor for, stating that you understood all of the risks involved with these procedures, and because the appointment still took anywhere from 1-4 hours on the technician's schedule.



*IMPORTANT :: IF YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT BOOKED OR ARE PLANNING TO BOOK, PLEASE READ!! Once your appointment has been booked, you are required to send a full face photo of yourself with NO brow makeup on.

I will also need a brow goal photo from you showing me your desired shape and color; this is mandatory. So much in this industry can be misunderstood, we want to make sure that the technician and client are visually on the same page - describing your brow design with words can only do so much. These photos must be sent and discussed with the technician BEFORE your in person consultation!!!

We have a phone app that we can actually show you what your brow design will look like (or close to it) before we even see you!



Contraindications ::

The following health or medical conditions are NOT ELIGIBLE to receive permanent cosmetics :: AIDS or HIV Positive, Hemophiliac, Hepatitis, Nursing, Pregnant, Steroids (hormones may change pigment color).

The following health or medical conditions are eligible WITH A DR.'S NOTE OF APPROVAL FOR THE PROCEDURE :: Active skin disease, Autoimmune disorder, Blood disease, Blood thinners (Approval to discontinue use 2-3 days prior to procedure), Cancer, Diabetics, Heart condition.

Under Dr.'s care for condition not listed

The following health or medical conditions are eligible with MEDICATION &//OR CHANGES in current medication:: Accutane (Discontinue use 1 year prior to procedure), Cold sores (Zovirax 1-2 weeks prior to procedure, Valtrex 1-2 days prior to procedure), Chemical peels (Wait 7-10 or 30-90 days after a peel, depending on the type of peel), Retin-A (Discontinue use 5-7 days prior to procedure).

Other conditions to discuss :: Alcoholic, Epilepsy, Skin allergies, Other medications or diseases. 


Cold sores (Herpes Simplex) and Permanent Makeup :: If you know you have cold sores or fever blisters in the past, you will be required to take an anti-viral medication to prevent outbreak from occurring. Please request the following medications from your primary care provider :: Zovirax, Famvir, Acyclovir, or Valtrex. You will need 5,000mg for each treatment, please request at least 10,000mg to cover the initial appointment and touch up sessions. You will need to take 1,000mg of medication for 5 (five) consecutive days. You will need to begin taking the medication 2 (two) days prior to the procedure, on the day of the procedure, and for the 2 (two) days following the procedure. This process will need to be repeated for all permanent cosmetic procedures, including touchups. You will be required to sign a form at the spa stating that you have been advised to take a minimum 5 day course of your chosen anti-viral medication in preparation of your permanent makeup procedure. Failure to take this medication may cause an outbreak. 

Please Be Advised ::

-ALL permanent makeup applications are considered multi sessions procedures, requiring a minimum of two sessions to perfect. Allow 30 days to properly assess healing and evaluation for "touch up" sessions.

-ANY exposure to the sun, tanning beds, pools, anti-aging skin care products (Retin A, Renova, Retinoids, Vitamin A, etc.), chemical peels, lasers, etc. may effect my permanent makeup.

-Retin A, Renova, Retinoids, Vitamin A must not be used around the treated areas long term. You must stop using Retin A or Retinol products no less than 2 weeks before the procedure.

-You must be off Accutane for a minimum of 18 months prior to receiving permanent makeup.

-Successful saturation cannot be guaranteed due to hidden scar tissue.

-You must wait for a period of one year following any tattoo procedure before donation of blood. (Check with donation center for more information).

-You must inform all skin care professionals, medical personnel, or cosmetic tattoo technicians of any permanent makeup treatments you have received. 

-You must inform all medical personnel about your permanent makeup prior to an MRI.

-It is YOUR responsibility to explain to the performing technician your desire for specific color, shape, and position for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip liner.

-Permanent makeup is an art not a science, the performing technician cannot guarantee the outcome of the procedure. There are so many variables (medications, illness, skin care routine, etc.) related to each client that affect the outcome of any permanent makeup procedure.

-Implanted pigment can turn color or fade over time due to circumstances beyond the control of the performing technician and alter the original pigment color.

-You will need to maintain the color with future applications. Sun, skin care products, pools, and other factors can contribute to pigment fading.

-It is your responsibility to understand and accept all risks and possible complications that may arise from this procedure ahead of time. 

-You must notify your technician if you are allergic to the following :: Latex, Epinephrine, Glycerin, Caine Products, PABA, Other.

-You must notify your technician of any Botox or other injections to the face, and where.

-You must notify your technician if you plan to use Latisse, if used prior to the procedure or before healing, it may lead to extreme irritation and loss of pigment.

-You must notify your technician if you take any of the following medications :: Accutane, Aspirin, Anabuse, Blood Thinners, Insulin, Anti-Coagulants, Steroids, Synthroid, High Blood Pressure.

-You will be asked to explain (in writing) any other conditions that you have or have had in the past once you arrive to the spa and fill out the paperwork. 

-You will be asked to acknowledge (in writing) that the proposed procedure(s) involve risks inherent in the procedure and the possibility of complications during the procedure. Those complications can be, but not limited to :: Infections, Misplacement of pigment, Poor color retention, or hyperpigmentation. 

-You must understand that there will be no refunds after treatment of this elected procedure(s). You understand that your payment covers the initial application, and a touch up within 30 days to 45 days from the initial application. It is the responsibility of the client to contact the technician to schedule a touch up.

-If the client has only one application, then decides after the maximum of 45 days grace period for touch ups, or desires additional applications, there will be a minimum charge of $200.00 charge per procedure. This is because permanent makeup must be layered or the final result may appear faded. A total of at least 2 applications are needed to achieve the desired outcome. Touch up sessions should be scheduled and occur within 45 days of the previous application.


After Care Instructions ::

It seems like there are many different ways to heal a tattoo, receiving tattoos in the past I always wondered which way was the "correct way." Only to find out that everyone is correct (for the most part). There are dry and wet methods to healing a tattoo. With cosmetic ink primarily being done on the face, your skin type does come into play for the best healing method for you! If your skin is more on the oily side, the dry method might be best for you. If your skin is already on the dry side, the wet method might be best for you. 

What is the difference?

The dry method does not involve cleansing of the skin for a couple of days, some methods require you to keep the area wrapped and dry even (aside from the necessary ointment application). This method you see more so with body tattoos, it is definitely not as common for the face. 

The wet method says that for the first 24 hours, every 2 hours (outside of when you are asleep), you should lightly cleanse the brows (only this area) using clean hands and diluted baby shampoo to remove any lymph or crusts that have formed on the surface of the brows. Pat dry, and apply a very thin layer of aquaphor. Days 2-7, continue to lightly cleanse daily with clean hands and apply a thin layer of aquaphor to the area twice a day. If the skin is oily and not scabbing, lightly cleanse the area daily with clean hands and apply aquaphor only if you feel dry//tight in the area. Days 8-28, continue to practice good hygiene while keeping your hands and brows clean. 

You will follow the written instructions given to you at your initial appointment unless the technician tells you otherwise! The directions below are what is on the instruction sheet that you will be given at your appointment. ::

-Keep a thin barrier of ointment on your newly tattooed procedure area.

-Use the product that your technician has given you or recommended.

-Apply ointment for a minimum of 5-7 days, and at least 3 times per day.

-Areas should remain "shiny" with ointment for the first 5 days to prevent the development of scabbing. Moist "shiny" skin prevents scabbing, which will lead to additional pigment loss.

-DO NOT pick or prod//peel flaking skin.

-NO sun tanning for a minimum of 14 days.

-NO swimming for at least 7 days. Apply an occlusive layer of ointment until fully healed.

-Do not stand facing the showerhead, gently splash water on the areas for the first 5 days. Use only a gentle cleanser, no anti-aging facial washes, after 3 days following the procedure. Do not "soak" the area in water or keep them wet for any substantial amount of time. Cleanse gently//quickly and then pat dry. 

-For the first 14 days, apply aquaphor//petroleum jelly or other waterproof substances to the area before bathing or showering to prevent prolonged water on the area.

*Damp skin enlarges pores and can "push out" pigment, affecting retention!

-Do not "soak" the area with sweat for 14 days!

-You may ice for 10 minutes every hour. Place an ice in a disposable bag to prevent leeching of pigment. Use a new bag each time to prevent spreading germs.

-Do not use any alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA's), Retin A, Hydrocortisone, or Benzyl peroxide products for at least 14 days. 

-Do not resume any hair removal methods for at least 14 days.

-Do not wear makeup, lotions, or skin care products (outside of aquaphor or skin witch potions) on the area for 14 days.

-Stay out of the sun for 14 days. Apply sunscreen to the area after 14 days to prevent premature fading.

-Do not apply any types of chemical peels, or exfoliation products directly on the area, for the life of the ink on that area as this may induce premature fading.

-Absolutely NO laser treatments may be performed on tattoos or permanent makeup (including microblading). Please let your doctor or esthetician know you have received permanent makeup services prior to any cosmetic procedure.

Your newly tattooed area will go through several phases during the healing process. Immediately after the procedure, the area will appear red and large, this is normal because we have just worked ink into the skin so it will be swollen for a day or so. The pigment will appear very sharp//dark because it is still sitting on top of your skin and has not settled in completely. The pigment color will soften gradually, and the "scabbing" process can also make the brows appear dark-stay calm because all of this will lighten in about a week or so. The color will eventually be 30-50% lighter (70% for lips); and the brow will be 20-30% smaller once fully healed. 

Once the skin starts to heal, it will look like pigmented dandruff flakes or dry skin. This is a normal part of the process for all tattoos, the pigment is not fading too quickly because it is just the superficial color and dry skin being naturally removed from your eyebrows (or other area). Some strokes (or lines) will disappear and re-appear in 2-3 weeks, and not all strokes will remain. It is perfectly normal to lose between 10-15% of your strokes, these will be replaced during your touch up session (remember permanent makeup is a 2 session process).

You may feel some itching, please try to resist. You may apply some Bactine (anesthetic antiseptic that contains 2.5% lidocaine and 0.13% benzalkonium chloride; works to relieve pain on contact with no sting) to the area for relief. Once all of the "scabbing" has naturally fallen off and the skin is healed, you may apply a nourishing skin oil or lighter (than aquaphor) cream to the area a few times a day until it is time for your second session. We recommend: Skin Witch Potion No. 1 Universal Irritation Cream (sold in the shop on this website; full of plant based organic oils, aloe vera based), or Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, or Coconut Oil (all found in Potion No.1).

-Eyeliner ::

If you wear contact lenses, bring glasses to wear home. You may resume wearing contacts when your eyes return to their pre-procedure contition. You may begin in the use of newly purchased makeup and eyeliner after 4 to 5 days. All makeup brushes used on the treated area should be thoroughly cleaned before reuse. Sleep elevated for a few nights to reduct swelling.


Permanent Make-Up + Microblading Services ::

*ALL Services will receive a FREE touch up 4 weeks post initial procedure date, we will set this appointment up before you leave the spa that day. Keep in mind that this touch up must be done within 30-45 days post initial procedure in order for it to work correctly. Failure of the client to make it to the appointment within 45 days will result in no less than a $200.00 session to re-do the procedure (basically).

*ALL services (excluding the consultation) will end the procedure with a complementary phototherapy (amber light) treatment. The amber light reduces swelling, redness, and inflammation. It creates a calming effect on the skin with anti-inflammatory properties. It will also revitalize your skin leaving you with a healthy glow. (See the Phototherapy section for more information about this wonderful treatment). 

-Consultation (Non refundable) :: $50.00 for 45+ minutes (time may vary). The cost of this session goes towards the full amount of your PMU procedure. It is non refundable because we will spend time discussing your goals for the treatment area, look at photos, and then we will use pigment to design the look that you are going for, on your treatment area. You will approve of the design (and we will not stop designing until you approve). Once you approve we will take a photo and book your procedure appointment.

-Add 1-2 Freckles to a Service :: $10-20 for 1-2 freckles. Add 1-2 freckles to any service!

-Second Touch Up :: $50.00+ for 60 minutes (time and price may vary). This touch up will be a year (12-24 months) after your first free touch up. Here we will adjust any color changes and wear and tear. You will be in charge of scheduling all subsequent touch up appointments after the second touch up, every 12-24 months for upkeep. All touch ups after this session should be done about every 1.5-2 years and will start at $200.00.

-Beauty Mark :: $50.00 for 1 beauty mark. We can add a beauty mark in the appropriate color to the area of your choice.

-Natural Freckles :: $100.00 for 50 minutes. Using pigment and a hand tool, we will stipple the pigment around the nose and cheek areas for a natural freckle look.

-Natural Nano Strokes :: $300.00+ (prices may vary) for 60 minutes. The most natural looking permanent make-up option for eyebrows. Using the blade only (no shading involved), brow stroke hairs will be added with permanent pigment only where there are no hairs. This service will utilize the most of what you have while adding the bare minimum for fullness and length. This also will include a FREE touch up 4 weeks post initial procedure + the phototherapy (amber light) treatment at the end of the session.

-The Painless Princess Microblading Experience :: $500.00 for 60-90 minutes (time may vary). It will end up being $450 the day of the service (due to the consultation fee, this is because we take the time to pre-design and discuss your personal brow needs, twice). Keep in mind we re-do the consultation at the beginning of this session as well. During this session we will use the microblading hand tools to create natural looking hair strokes, utilizing what you have to add more length, volume, density, adding to the brows-whatever is right for your brows, we will do!

-Blade + Shade // Combination Brows :: $500.00 for 90 minutes (time may vary). Two different brow techniques giving you soft strokes in the front of the brow (done either with a hand blade or a very low machine setting) + shading done by machine, leaving your brows looking powdery.

-Microblading with Soft Tap (Blade + Shade//Combination Brows) :: $550.00 for 90 minutes (time may vary). Two different brow techniques giving you both micro hair strokes + shading, leaving your brows looking powdery. (Coming Soon)!

-Ombre Brows :: $450.00 for 60-90 minutes (time may vary). Softer looking at the start of the brow, becoming more pigmented through the arch and tail of the brow, giving you an ombre powdered makeup look. 

-Feathered Powder Brows :: $500.00 for 60-90 minutes (time may vary). Feathered, more natural looking brows that still have the powdered makeup look to them, typically darker at the tails with more strokes in the front.

-Powder Brows :: $500.00 for 60-90 minutes (time may vary). The feathered look can be done by hand, or with a machine to create the look of brows always powdered with makeup; a solid color all the way through.

-Bold Powder Brow :: $550.00 for 60-90 minutes (time may vary). A bolder brow done by machine to achieve a fully powdered look from start to end (of the brow). 

-Lash Enhancement Eyeliner :: $500.00 for 60-90 minutes (time may vary). One of the most popular cosmetic tattoos currently; This can be done one of two ways: 1. A thin line of ink across the lashline, that does not stray from the lashline. 2. A dot next to each eyelash. This style does not give you the look of an eyeliner tattoo-it is "light permanent eyeliner" but with a more natural finish. Its purpose is to make the lashes look fuller and thicker. This procedure is a wonderful option for those who want their eyelashes to appear thicker.

-Thin Eyeliner :: $500.00 for 60-90 minutes (time may vary). The average cost of (permanent) tattoo eyeliner may vary a lot, but the benchmark price of the initial application can range anywhere from $500-$1,000+ (depending on the style//color//thickness of the eyeliner). The touch ups can range anywhere from $200-$700. This particular service places an ink line on the slimmer side on the top and//or the bottom eyelids. The cost of this service covers both eyelids, but of course you can amend this any way that you'd like. This is a great option for many because you are still able to build up the liner with makeup, but you will still have a thin line without makeup-making the eyes pop!

-Medium-Width Eyeliner :: $500.00+ for 60-90 minutes (time//price may vary). This option is fabulous for those who wear makeup every day, and is a cross between bold and natural. (Currently Unavailable).

-Thick Eyeliner :: Starts at $500.00 for 60-90+ minutes (time//price will vary). This option is not for everyone, but for those who wear a significant amount of makeup on a daily basis. You must be ready to commit to a permanent bold look! (Currently Unavailable).

-Lip Blush :: $600.00 for 90+ minutes (time will vary). Lining the lips by hand tool or by machine with the color that we agree on, then we will take a flat blade and pull the color towards the middle of the lips-so that it covers the middle area on the upper and lower lips (not all the way) but enough for a "blushing" effect. This makes ombre lips easier to do with makeup. There is no touch up session required for this service because it will give you more of a natural blushing effect. We can of course touch this up in 1-2 years for $200.00.

-Areola Tattoo :: Coming Soon!! (End of May).

-Saline Tattoo Removal :: Please see Saline Tattoo Removal section for more details.

-Color Correction :: Please see Saline Tattoo Removal section for more details.


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