Saline Tattoo Removal



FALL SALE PRICE :: $100 per session (normally priced at $150-400 per session; prices will vary). Limited sessions available for the month of November!

By Appointment Only.


IMG 3420 Erynn studied under Teryn Darling (a global leader and master in the tattoo removal community) who has been in pigment lightening for over 14 years, she was the very first person to develop a very successful technique to lighten eyeliner migrations to the point where it is no longer visible, and an emergency removal technique. This process uses the LI-ft Hypertonic Saline Solution.This process was developed to safely and effectively lighten and remove unwanted pigment//ink, for both cosmetic tattoos and regular body tattoos - whether they have been sitting in the skin for 20 years or freshly done. This service can be done using both a hand tool or a machine (different methods).

Pigment removal has been around since the beginning of tattooing, goats milk was even once used. Some topical products may advertise fading//dissolving of pigment//ink using ingredients like hydroquinone, TCA, kojic acid - however, these can only slightly fade the ink and do not penetrate deep enough to actually remove any tattoos. Some products may actually cause scarring//discoloration//burning//pain, without producing any results.

IMG 3421The Options ::

You can get a tattoo removed surgically under anesthesia by a doctor, where they physically cut the tattoo off of your body and graph the skin leaving you with a very visible scar. A doctor can also create a football incision where they also cut it out and just sew the skin flaps together...also leaving you with a very visible scar.

Dermabrasion can also be used to sand down the skin (estheticians use microdermabrasion to heavily exfoliate the skin using diamond or crystal rotary wheels), very abrasive and not suitable for clients' who have a tendency to redness in their skin, because this can actually trigger rosacea.

Salibration uses a gauze wrapped wooden block soaked in lemon juice, dipped into salt, and then grinding the tattoo away...literally pouring salt in the wound. The above removal options will require months of down//healing time with an open wound.

There is also the laser method which is very common and uses IPL (intense pulse lighting) to break up the pigment into tiny fragments and is then removed by the body's immune system. The pigment is basically pushed back into the skin and removed by lymph//waste management. Laser is based on how deep the wave lengths can go and which colors they are targeting. Different pigments settle at different depths in the skin (black settles deepest, greens//blues settle at mid level, and white//yellow//orange settle more shallow). Different wavelengths penetrate at different depths and remove different colors of pigment; it takes multiple different laser wavelengths to remove a multi colored tattoo. If the ink//pigment does not absorb the laser light, it cannot shatter, and if it can't shatter then it cannot be removed. There is not one wavelength that penetrates all depths or targets all colors.

Saline solutions do not recognize color (it recognizes pigment uniformly) and removes all pigment, including white. Laser tattoo removal requires there to be pigment for the laser to hit, Titanium is white and light (the laser) cannot identify//find it. When a laser hits titanium, it will oxidize and turn black or grey. Once white turns to grey or black, it may be permanent. (Further treatments may help, but it can take double the sessions to remove white//light colors).

The particle size of the pigment can affect how successful and timely the ink can be removed. Carbon is typically the easiest to remove due to small particle size, there is no difference between organics or iron oxides, and titanium has a large particle size - so it does not travel upward in the skin as easily as others. Saline will remove Titanium completely.

Patch testing is a good idea for darker skin tones, we can do this process behind the ear and wait about 6 weeks and bring you back in to re-evaluate and decide if this procedure is right for you!

IMG 3422Saline VS Laser ::

Tattooing the skin post laser tattoo removal is often not successful, due to scar tissue and an alteration within the skin by the laser.

If you remove a cosmetic tattoo via laser, brow hair will be permanently removed.

(Again), saline is not color restricted. Titanium also may turn black//grey.

Laser pushes the pigment back down into the skin, saline lifts the pigment up out of the skin.

The pain level for laser is significantly greater than that of saline removal. Laser is even thought to be more painful than the actual tattoo itself.

Laser Removal typically will take about 6-10 sessions to remove completely (even something as small as eyebrows), Saline Removal takes 2-5 sessions depending on the person!


What Exactly is the Saline//Salt Method?! ::

This method works by theory of Osmosis (a process by which molecules of a solvent - water, pass through a semi-permeable membrane - skin, from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated solution. This achieves the same amount of concentration on each side of the membrane (equalization). This process introduces a high concentration of salt water to the dermis where pigment is (this creates the osmosis process). Water in the cells beneath the pigment contain lower amounts of salt and water will rise to the area containing higher concentrations of salt. Equalization forces the pigment from the dermal layer up to the epidermis by osmotic pressure. This is a natural process to become equal to the higher concentration of salt and water. The pigment will become trapped in the scab, and once the scab falls off, the pigment goes with it.

Li-FT is a non-acid, high salt, fruit seed extract removal product made by Li Pigments - certified vegan, paraben free, gluten free, sterile, no acrylics, no shellacs, all natural preservatives, no chemicals (ever), and FDA approved (in a state regulated, licensed, and highly credential cosmetics manufacturing lab under the most sterile of conditions). Sea salt is grinded down into fine powder with lemon seed extract (for fading + exfoliation), orange seed extract (also for fading + exfoliation), and aloe vera for skin conditioning. *Sterile//filtered water is not safe enough. This is the solution that we will be using to remove the pigment in the skin. It has no separation or grit, it is the perfect safe consistency. The consistency is what makes Li-FT safe for both hand tool and machine methods, as stated above - all other forms of removal, you run the risk of scarring or hypo-pigmentation (white spots, these are much harder to get rid of than hyperpigmentation or dark spots). Li-FT is safe for removal of all permanent makeup work, including eyeliner. It is common for eyeliner to take more than one session to be completely removed. Most ink will take about 2-5 sessions to be completely removed (this will vary with the size and how new the ink is; newer ink will come off quicker). With this method of removal that Teryn invented, there is much less of a risk in spreading the migrated pigment on the eyeliner.


The Healing Process ::

Under no circumstances is a second lightening procedure to be performed again within 8 weeks after the initial procedure. The skin needs time to heal, and the longer the skin has to heal, the better the results will be.

If hyper or hypopigmentation does occur, it is not always due to the removal process, especially with tattoos that have been on the skin for many years. Sometimes the tattoo itself can actually cause this and you just will never know until it has been removed.

Titanium ink will turn white after session 1, and will take longer to remove than other inks like carbon. We will not know if your tattoo was done with Titanium ink until we begin the session.

Healing time takes a full 8 weeks. We will do a check up at 4 weeks, a second check up at 8 weeks and that is when we will decide if another session is necessary or not for you. The maximum amount of sessions this method takes is 2-5 sessions (5 sessions would be more for large body tattoos done in sessions of 6X6).

You will be given an after care kit as you leave the spa that will contain a bottle of saline fluid (for cleaning), and a dropper bottle of vitamin E. 

Do not touch the area while it is healing - you especially do not want to pick this area, let the scab flake off on its own to prevent scarring.

Do not ice!!!

Blot the area with the given saline solution in your kit, 3-4 times a day (on gauze or a paper towel).

Do not allow the area to get wet for an extended period of time - no swimming, bathing (when showering it's okay to briefly get the area wet but pat dry after the shower), steam rooms, or saunas.

No sun exposure or exercise until the scab has completely lifted away naturally.

After the scab has completely gone, you will use the vitamin e given to you in your kit, to apply 3-4 times a day for the remainder of the healing time. Post healing time, we recommend using vitamin e twice daily to aid in extra scar fading and minimizing. 

*If the area being healed is the lip vermillion, use a straw until the scab has completely lifted, eat food that can be cut into pieces to chew (avoiding the lip area), and avoid active toothpastes that contain peroxide, etc. Keep the mouth expressions to a minimum!






How Long Will It Take? ::

Sessions can take anywhere from 1.5-3 hours.

There are no guarantees for any client on how long it will take to remove your individual tattoo, because every person's skin is completely different, and there are a lot of factors that matter with this service. How many layers of pigment matters, whether or not Titanium was used will matter, how deep the pigment was implanted matters, how saturated the pigment was matters, where on the body the removal is being done matters, whether or not the client has oily or dry skin matters, the client's aftercare regimen matters, and how much pigment needs to be removed also matters.

All clients' are required to fill out the provided paperwork prior to the procedure; whether you want to stop by beforehand to fill it out, or arrive 20 minutes prior to your procedure - it is up to you, but we cannot proceed without the forms being completed. 

Post session, you will want to keep the area clean and uncovered (as much as you can; if you are a female with a ribcage tattoo, we would recommend no bra during the healing time). 


What To Expect ::

You will be numbed prior to appointment while you are filling out the paperwork, and you will be numbed again during the procedure.

It is still common to be able to feel something because either a hand tool or a machine will be used along side the saline solution to scrape the pigment off (still much less painful than all other forms of removal).

Hyperpigmentation (discoloration) can appear when the dermis//epidermis is injured (entry to the skin). Inflammation from injury stimulates melanocytes to increase melanin synthesis. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation happens after injury and is temporary - this is common with removal procedures. It will go away!!!!  

The risk of hypo or hyperpigmentation is a risk with all removal product, especially on darker skin types (as with anything). A patch test is recommended for Fitzpatrick IV, V, and VI skin. This process will be done behind the ear and re-evaluated in 6 weeks. If it is only a matter of color (too dark or bad color), rather than placement, then hypopigmentation may not be a factor! Please keep in mind that for some, the procedure can look so bad that hypo or hyperpigmentation may just be a fair trade off. 

If you are removing something from the inside of your lip, you want to make sure that your technician is already a skilled professional in doing permanent lip tattoos (which Erynn is)! The same rule as permanent makeup for lips stands here, if you have ANY history of cold sores, the client MUST pre-medicate with a doctor perscribed anti-viral medication. 1000mg of an anti viral medication 3 days prior, the day of, and 3 days post procedure will reduce the risk significantly; we cannot guarantee 100% that the client will not have an outbreak, but it will reduce the risk (this goes for the vermillion border and the inside of the lip). Also, the same rule of thumb for permanent makeup will apply for removal - we avoid tattooing//removing on lips that are highly or moderately pigmented. Lip liner tends to remove very easily, and very well!

Regular body tattoos CAN be removed with Li-FT!! We can remove tattoos the size of a deck of cards, larger tattoos also can be removed...but they will have to be removed in sections the size of a deck of cards, meaning multiple sessions will be required. NO, large tattoos CANNOT be removed all in one session. Tattoos below the elbow and the knee must be done in smaller sections because they are slower to heal. We cannot work on tattoos larger than 6X6, all 6X6 tattoos must be done in 3 different sessions//sections. Tattoos below the elbows//knees must be done with caution, we will do a test section of 1X1 of the tattoo, let it heal for 4 weeks and then re-evaluate whether or not it makes sense to proceed. 

Once you have numbed, the Li-FT solution will be applied to the treatment area, 2-4 passes will be done using either a machine or a hand tool (you will be numbed with a broken skin numbing agent after each pass), afterwards you will mask with the Li-FT solution for 10 minutes and then it will be removed. The treatment area may look very red and bleed, this is totally normal. Every body is different, so some people may bleed more or less than others, some will get very red and others will not.

The area can stay pink for a few weeks, or in some cases a few months for all of the discoloration to completely heal. In rare cases, some may always have a slight discoloration on the area (but it is safe to have work re-done over the removed area with this method)!

An at home test that can be done to decifer if the area is still healing or if there is still pigment left in the skin (and another session is necessary) is :: Stretch the treated area with your fingers, if the pink/redness goes away while the skin is stretched, it is still just healing. If the color remains, then that is pigment and another session would be required if you so choose!

**Up to 48 hours after a procedure has been done, we can soak the area with Li-FT, the skin has not fully absorbed the pigment but it will fully absorb the Li-FT and the pigment can be removed this way - without any tools! This process is known as Emergency Li-FT Removal!**

Please remember that your patience is required with this method! It may take a couple of sessions, but it could be the one more session that completely removes the unwanted tattoo!


Lightening VS Removal ::

The same process will be used for both, technically they are the same. However, as this service has become more popular, insurance companies and healthcare companies are advising professionals to use the verbiage "lightening" rather than removing. This is likely due to the fact that it can take 2-5 sessions depending on the person, skin, ink, and tattoo tech who did the original tattoo. You also definitely have the option of just 1-2 sessions, and you can stop there with it lighter and not all the way removed.


Pricing ::

All prices listed are PER SESSION or per bundle.

Minimum Removal Price :: $150 (per session).

Discounts :: Discounts will only be given if 2 sessions have passed and not much lightening has been done, then we will discount $25-$50 on the third session.

Consultation :: Free, takes 20 minutes.

Saline Tattoo Removal :: $150-200+ per session, prices vary depending on pigment and size.

Full Eyebrow Removal :: $200-275, permanent makeup done by machine (usually).

Eyeliner Removal :: Thin-Medium $250, Thick//Wings $300, Migrated Liner $250-300.

Lip Liner :: $200-250 depending on how thick.

Full Lips :: $400.

Areola :: 1 $200-$250 depending on how big, 2 $300-$400 depending on how big.

Body Tattoos :: We price these depending on size - Small $150 (minimum amount), Medium-Big $200-350 depending on how big.

Bundle of 2 Saline Tattoo Removal Sessions :: $350-450, prices vary depending on pigment and size.

Bundle of 4 Saline Tattoo Removal Sessions :: $700, this is a non-negotiable deal and must be purchased at once.

Bundle of 5 Saline Tattoo Removal Sessions :: $800, this is a non-negotiable deal and must be purchased at once.

Color Correction Session :: $150+ per session, prices may vary.

Color Correction + Saline Removal Session :: $300 This package includes one session of each, must be done 6-8 weeks apart.

Bundle of 2+ Color Correction Sessions :: $150 per session.

Color Correction + Shape Change :: $600, color correction + a full pmu service.

Selective Tattoo Removal :: $150 per session, removing select areas from a tattoo.

Emergency Li-FT Session :: $150-250 (for a pair of brows), can be more depending on the area. This must be done 8-24 hours post procedure.





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